Alone With You

Alone With You

I feel an acid sickness fill my stomach
As shame infiltrates my veins,
Pulsating with the pain of this moment;

Months passed by and we decayed —
Forgetting the love we once shared,
But instead, always staying on the attack;

My heart has burrowed deeply inside,
Afraid to come out again,
For your words shock and send me in arrest —

Too many tears I’ve cried
Have left me dehydrated —
I go and hide in fear of your reactions;

Your anger and fear blind you
To what I’m trying to say:
My futile attempts of trying to save us

Pass by unnoticed, leaving me
Lonely in this desolate area,
Feeling empty and alone;

I wonder how you can’t see
The pain you put me through —
I’ve never felt so lonely than when I’m alone with you.

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