But Not Forgotten

But Not Forgotten

Your lie has crippled me,
Leaving me as a shell
Of a person I used to know.
Shattered memories of who
I thought you were,
Who I thought we were — 
Red marks slash across the pages
Of our romance, newly fictional,
Like blood across my wrist, 
Reminding me of what I can’t forget;

My disillusionment sits at the pit
Of my stomach, leaving me
Nauseous and unable to eat.
I haven’t moved in days.
I reflect back on old times — 
Times I thought I knew you,
Before it all became a lie.
Everything you said starts to fall
Away and down my eyes,
Streaming down my face as I scream;

The fear penetrates my resolve
And I wonder how to rebuild from this — 
Will I forever stay broken, or
Can I discover new resiliency and hope?
I told you I loved you,
And now I’m being tested.
The twisted game of life and love
Unravels before my eyes;
They say you can forgive, but
You never forget.

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