Forget What You Know

BRiYA Article Blog Post - Forget What You Know

They tell me that knowledge is power. And yet, antiquated ideas about how things “should” be only limit possibility.

By holding on too tight to old belief systems and survival skills, a person is unable to receive new insight.

Question everything.

Remember that the things that can’t be explained are the most awe-inspiring.

Don’t allow what someone else says dictate what you think. Make your own decisions.

That is, unless they speak through their heart. Then absorb every. damn. word.

Never go to bed angry. It’ll make you ugly. (If not your face, then your heart.)

If you can’t fit into your opponent’s pair of shoes, walk barefoot.

Allow yourself to die every so often. An ego death means you’re one layer closer to touching the light.

Take the red pill. Or the blue. Just pick one and stop complaining.

Forget who you thought you were and become who you’re meant to be.

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