Why I Need Masculine Energy

BRiYA Article Blog Post - Why I Need Masculine Energy

As an artist, I am in touch with my feelings. As a woman, I am bred to be a little softer and delicate. So naturally, I am riding that feminine energy the majority of my day.

Don’t get me wrong, I can be a total tomboy. I love sports and hanging out with the guys. I don’t feel super feminine, but I also lack that masculine energy.

And that, my friends, is the energy needed to get sh*t done. While the feminine creates and produces life, the masculine is what brings organization and clarity.

Since I lack a lot of the masculine energy of focus and what were we talking about?


Life is about balance. This I know to be to true. And yet, once you’ve found it, it inevitably slips through your hands like time’s slippery sands. It’s an ongoing battle, a constant rediscovery.

Unfortunately it’s not exclusive. Balance must be found in every aspect of our lives. From work to relationships to standing upright, balance is needed for a healthy and stable life.

So how do I find balance between my natural inclination of the feminine of wanting to sing and draw and laugh all day and still find that masculine productivity?

How I Get Sh*t Done

I am a person of boundless energy reserves, however, they’re hidden. If it is not something I am passionate about I often lack the impetus to begin a project, and even less motivation to stick with it.

With that in mind, how am I still productive?

I find it’s about following what those personal development gurus have endless marketing phrases for:

• Follow Your Bliss
• Follow Your Passion
• Follow Your Dream
• Follow Your Highest Excitement

Apparently they’re running away and we need to catch them. Which makes sense as we can’t stay still if we want to create something in life.

Since I’ve been able to narrow down my main, immediate goal I am working to achieve, I can slowly start to fill in the details and the game plan. However, without that bliss, passion, dream, or highest excitement, I have no basis to start or foundation to build from.

It has been through several self-help books, therapists, 12-Step programs, life coaches, inner reflection, and mostly, mistakes, that I have been able to discover what my passion is.

Luckily the hard part is done. Now I get to plan out my days on my to-do list and decide what my priorities are and how I’m going to execute them.

And yet, with all this knowledge that I need to do this, I still can’t seem to find my entry point. That way in to know that this is the path I need to take. So I had to call in the experts.

The Masculine

I enlisted a friend of mine who was super eager to help. He knows how to turn on the masculine energy with a flip of a switch and make stuff happen. Honestly, without him, I don’t know what I would have done.page23image61479296

He helps me to clarify my vision and gives me actionable steps. While not coddling me, he provides a nurturing quality and is my very own cheerleader.

I’m fully aware that not all men have this quality about them, my friend is actually quite special—something I’m constantly reminding him of. But what a blessing it is to have a man who can support the women.

It Wasn’t Me

Just like Shaggy said, It wasn’t me. Most of my accomplishments have been aided by the help and support of others. I have been blessed with little helper bees in my life.

Yes, I’m often lonely, that’s the curse of a nomad, but I somehow manage to find exactly what I need to give me a little push at times. Or rather, I’m given a blessing from the universe to aid me along the journey.

So while I have to do the hard work to produce content, find clients, build a website, etc, I am given the knowledge through others. (I’ve also learned a lot from online courses and the internet.)

I don’t take credit for everything. But I will take credit for the amount of effort and endurance I’ve sustained these past few months as I work to create a life I love. So ladies (and gentlemen), my advice:

It’s not easy, but when we can combine the feminine energy to create and make art with the guidance from the masculine, we are unstoppable.

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