Find your freedom to feel
Feeling Freedom and Full Expression Coaching

"It's not safe to feel."

"Don't cry in public."

"Show no weakness."

These are beliefs we hear through our socialization. And this creates dis-ease and unhappiness in life and the body.

I will help you to find your feelings and express them fully, giving you full permission to let it all out and unlock your creativity and gifts.

If you have trouble

expressing your feelings or being vulnerable

I’d love to help you.

I use my experience with theatre, performance, and somatic healing to help you step into your true and authentic self by helping you to fully express yourself.

Let go and BE YOU.

It's Okay To Be Silly.

Learn how to unleash your wild side and let go of what's holding you back.
There's something special about
being able to fully express yourself

Through years of trauma recovery, I empirically know how important it is to be able to speak your truth and express your feelings.

It wasn't until I went to graduate school in Europe and was given permission (and the assignment) to push myself past my comfort zone and find my raw, vulnerable, and unedited expression was I able to fully allow myself to feel.

I want that freedom for you. And I hope you do too. Let's work together to unleash your wild side.

Want to work together?