Private Acting Lessons

Learn how to create a compelling performance, inside and out.
Learn to act compellingly
by unlocking your physicality.

In order to create an authentic performance, you need to dive deep into yourself and the character, internally and externally.

In private lessons, we work on accessing the vulnerability within yourself and unlocking your physicalization to create effective characters.

I will guide you towards asking the necessary questions and finding the physicalization to fully embody a character to create a compelling performance.

American acting often lacks
a deep level of physicality.

I have an MFA in Physical Theatre, where I trained in Europe. The methodologies I learned have allowed me to create captivating characters and have a level of stage presence that isn't often taught in American acting schools.

Committing fully to the physicality of a character will create a fully embodied performance that leaves a lasting effect on the audience.

I can help you get there.

The actor's responsiblity

is to know themselves

so well that they can portray any emotion on stage or on screen.

By analyzing yourself and others, you start to understand the human layers and can create a performance that is truthful and poignant for the audience.


2021-present | Professor at New World School of the Arts (Miami Dade College)

2019-2020 | Physical Theatre Teacher & Summer Camp Teacher at Venice Theatre

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